How to choose a color selection machine to listen to voice

How to choose a color selection machine to listen to voice
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Color sorting machine is used to separate materials by identifying subtle color differences. It can be used for sorting food, ore, plastics and medicinal materials. But how to buy color selection machine has become a difficult problem, a variety of brands in the market, a variety of configurations, dazzling, today we tell you what to choose suitable for their color selection machine.
Own material samples
Step 1: understand the principle of color sorting machine and the classification of color sorting machine
For principles of color sorting machine, please click "dry goods series I - principles of color sorting machine"
Color sorting machine classification:
1. Classification according to structure
A. chute color sorting machine
B. caterpillar color sorting machine
2. According to material classification
A. ore color sorting machine
B. large beige color selection machine
C. plastic color sorting machine
D. Bean color sorting machine
E. Chinese herbal medicine color sorting machine
F. food color sorting machine
Step 2: know yourself
1. According to the company's size and output, determine the output of the required color sorting machine.
In general, the larger the output, the more expensive the price, some machine performance only pursuit of yield, ignoring the net rate, some industries on the net rate requirements are very high, such as the plastic industry, if the pursuit of yield, ignore the net rate, the ultimate loss outweighs the gain.
2. Budget
The amount of money, to a certain extent, determines the level of configuration, but in the limited budget to buy the most suitable for their own machine, cost-effective ability to the highest, the most optimized allocation of resources.
Please remember: there is no best, only the most suitable
It is not that the most expensive machines are the best and the most effective; It's not that the more advanced the machine, the better; For many materials, the amount of functions is the same for the effect. Moreover, many functions are not needed in the actual operation, which increases the difficulty for the operator to use you. Many functions are just the selling points set by the manufacturer for price difference. (as for which specific functions are necessary, which functions can not have, will be explained in the future, please pay attention to)
Step 3: visit the market, select models, analyze and compare
Please pay attention to the following points when selecting:
1, separation rate, take out ratio, yield for the three elements of the color separator
In contrast, the higher the selectivity, the better the machine; The lower the taking-out ratio, the better the machine, the higher the output, the better the machine, but usually the level of one factor will affect the other two factors, so ultimately it depends on your actual needs. After comprehensive consideration, the optimal ratio of the three factors is obtained.
2. Machine configuration and algorithm determine the selectivity
The shape and color of each material are different, so to achieve the best sorting effect, the machine configuration must be different, and the algorithm is also different. For the same material, the situation of each batch of materials is different, so the algorithm also needs to be different and different parameters are set. So, customizable, vital.
3. Origin: hefei
Buy thing producing area is very important, be like buying ceramic tile, producing area guangdong is best, buy lamps and lanterns, producing area foshan is best. If a certain industry production base is formed in a region, it means that the industry in this region has developed and matured, the upstream and downstream industrial chain has been formed, and talents are gathered here, so the quality is guaranteed. Now, hefei is already the production base of color sorting machine industry.
4, manufacturers: have the strength, scale, a certain degree of visibility, dedicated, professional
Color selection machine belongs to photoelectric integration machinery, the production technology and professional requirements are higher, then from the talent, site and other production cost requirements are also high, generally small manufacturers, can not afford high production costs, will cut corners, quality can not be guaranteed.
5. Brand: the louder the brand, the more guaranteed the quality and the more guaranteed the service
Brand is not established overnight, must be after years of development, the user reputation base up, and every manufacturer of the brand have a lot of love, so the quality of the control more stringent, after-sales service system is more perfect.
6. Technology: independent research and development strength
Color sorting machine belongs to precision machinery, photoelectric technology needs to be excellent, not copy the same can be successful, need to have independent research and development ability to send out their own core technology.
7, service: timely and prompt, on call
Color separators belong to a part of a production line, many color separators are round-the-clock operation, and, most customers and color separators manufacturers are far away, if there is a problem in the machine, not timely maintenance, resulting in the shutdown of the entire production line, heavy losses.
Step 4: actual investigation, on-site sorting with materials, final decision
Hearing is virtual, seeing is real, take your materials to the site for on-site sorting, see the final effect. Examine company strength, service attitude and quality incidentally, provide reliable basis for final decision.
I wish you to choose your most satisfied, and also the most suitable for your color selection machine!
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