Lycium barbarum color selection machine makes lycium barbarum screening no longer a problem

Lycium barbarum color selection machine makes lycium barbarum screening no longer a problem
Medlar is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine with a variety of health effects, is approved by the ministry of health dual-use food. Its nutrition is rich, suitable for liver and kidney Yin deficiency, cancer, hypertension, high blood fat, arteriosclerosis, chronic hepatitis, fatty liver patients eat; It is more suitable for those who use their eyes excessively, the old and so on. At present, the national drug inspection of Chinese wolfberry quality control is strict, which requires the use of high-quality Chinese wolfberry color selection machine.
As we all know, ningxia wolfberry is very famous. It is mainly produced in qaidam basin, where the altitude is high and the air humidity is low. The wolfberry produced there is naturally pollution-free, and its flavonoid content is higher than that in other regions, so it is very suitable for dried fruit or processed into concentrated juice. In the meantime, city of qinghai province ge ermu also is one of medlar producing area, local door civilian feedback, the detection standard that businessman buys medlar is high, assure quality is eligible ability enters foreign market, buy quality to medlar fruit so requirement is strict.
The basic grade standard that quality of fructus lycii determined by national drug inspection is: requirement does not have bug eat by moth, mildew, impurity is unfavorable exceed 1%. In the past, this standard has been a problem for Chinese wolfberry owners. Due to the limitation of environmental conditions, process differences and internal conditions of Chinese wolfberry in the drying process, there are often other colors of Chinese wolfberry such as black and red or brown, to make the color and lustre mixed, and mildew fruit, it is often difficult to manually screen the impurities of Chinese wolfberry.
Chinese wolfberry color selection machine intelligent color selection machine to help Chinese wolfberry color selection of high quality, so that Chinese wolfberry screening is no longer a problem. It can accurately identify the white, dark red, black fruit, mildew fruit, oil fruit, disease fruit, impurities and other undesirable products, and some green seeds can be separated. It solves the problem that it is difficult for Chinese wolfberry processors to hire people, and can quickly select good Chinese wolfberry, so that Chinese wolfberry fresh market sales, so the intelligent color CCD Chinese wolfberry color selection machine by qinghai local large number of Chinese wolfberry processors.

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