Opening and Inspection of Color Separator: After receiving the machine, be careful when opening the box, avoid unnecessary damage to the machine parts, and check the integrity of the parts and equipment.            Mechanical installation of color sorter: The machine should be installed on a solid platform with railings or on a hard ground, and the level of the machine should be adjusted with a level.            There should be passages around the machine for operation, inspection and maintenance. According to the specific situation of the site, the upper inlet should correspond to the user's feeding pipeline, and the flow regulating board and storage box should be installed on the pipeline. Note that the feed pipe shall not be pressed on the hopper of the machine, otherwise the processing capacity will be affected.            Iron pipes must not be made of plastic pipes and other non-metallic pipes and have good grounding wires.            Attention should be paid to the installation of large scale color sorter: (1) there should be no ground vibration in the installation area. (2) the machine must be installed on the last selection process, that is, after polishing or finishing. (3) the machine should be installed on the level ground without the need to bury anchor bolts. (4) The machine should be installed in a separate isolated room (air conditioning is recommended), and should not be installed in low temperature, high temperature, humidity and dusty occasions. (5) Prevent strong electromagnetic interference in and around the site, so the user's self-connected inlet and outlet pipes and exhaust pipes must be used.