Why are small color selectors so popular

Why are small color selectors so popular
China is a large agricultural country, so there are many agricultural producers, which determines that there are many small processing plants. With the prosperity of life, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the requirements for food are more and more strict, and the quality of food has become an important issue. The emergence of color separators to better quality screening products, and small processing plants need is small color separators, its huge advantages, loved by the majority of small processing manufacturers.
The emergence of small color separators for many small processing manufacturers xin hua lu fang, which mainly depends on the small processing plant production of small products, and large color separators output far exceeds their demand, resulting in waste, at the same time, the price is higher than the small color separators, many reasons for the most popular small.
Advantages of small color sorting machine:
1. Moderate output. The production of small color separators is not very large, about 1t per hour (rice for example), which is in line with the processing capacity of most small processing plants.
Ii. Small floor space. General small processing plants due to less processing output, so the plant set up relatively small, large color sorting machine covers an area of large, not suitable for small plants, small size of small color sorting machine, convenient to move.
Convenient transportation. Different from large color sorting machine, small color sorting machine is easy to handle, its light and convenient, can be more convenient to clean after use, to meet the needs of many manufacturers.
The quality of sorting is good. Small color sorting machine is the use of modern CCD technology and computer-aided control technology, through the analysis of the optical properties of products, quickly distinguish the good and bad, to achieve the effect of optimal products
High working efficiency. Different from manual sorting, the machine sorting productivity exceeds hundreds of manual picking workers, which can greatly accelerate the production schedule, increase the enterprise productivity, reduce labor intensity, and improve the production environment.
6. Cost saving. Small color sorting machine long service life, can be used repeatedly, instead of manual can reduce labor costs; Reduce production costs.
Convenient operation. Small color selection computer intelligent control, a piece of operation, control system, parameters written on the touch screen is relatively advanced, the operation is also very simple, general workers after a short period of training can be skilled.
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