A few things you need to know about buying a color selector

A few things you need to know about buying a color selector
Color separator
Small size, large output, output per hour about 500kg, suitable for household or small processing plants. Can be applied to rice, peanuts, melon seeds, tea and other agricultural products. Unique research and development for a certain material process, the material color selection effect is the best.
Parameters of small color sorting machine
Product model: 6sxz-68
Output (t/h) : 0.6-1
Selectivity (%) : 99
Power supply (v/Hz) : 220V 50HZ
Power (Kw) : 1.0-1.3
Air source pressure (Mpa) : 0.4-0.6
Air source consumption (L/min) : < 1000
Machine weight (Kg) : 260
External size (mm) : 950*1510*1428 (subject to the material object)
Small intelligent color CCD color selection machine working principle
First, connect the power supply to the tablet computer, and touch the touch screen lightly to start color selection.
Then, the materials prepared for color separation are poured into a vibrating feeding hopper. After the high-frequency shaking of the feeder, the materials are shaken into the material distribution tank. Each material will pass through the channel and fall into the sorting box.
Then, when the material falls into the sorting box, the front and rear cameras of 5388 pixels will take a high frequency comprehensive picture of each material, without missing a dead Angle, and the photo speed is up to 3000 times /min
Next, the pictures taken will be compared with qualified materials through spectral analysis. If the materials are found to be inconsistent with qualified products and have different colors, the air valve will blow out the unqualified materials and fall into the overflow material port, and the qualified materials will fall into the qualified material port along the set route.
Finally, after the first sorting, if it is found that the overflow mouth contains a little qualified material, the material can be re-imported into the hopper for re-sorting to achieve the best effect.
Keyue intelligent technology soybean color sorting machine
Keyue intelligent technology color CCD soybean color sorting machine according to the intelligent shape selection technology, color CCD technology, the use of photoelectric technology will be selected soybean and other products of different color particles automatically sorting out, so as to improve product quality, remove impurities effect.
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