Industrial Color Sorter

The minimalist operation interface brings new human-machine interaction experience and realizes personalized classification of impurities. "Minimalist" operation interface, with "deep self-learning" and other core AI sorting technology as support.

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According to the difference of optical properties of materials, a device for automatic sorting of heterogeneous particles in particulate materials by photoelectric detection technology is developed. CCD color sorter is an upgraded version of photoelectric color sorter. CCD color sorter is a non-destructive sorting equipment used for quality detection and classification of bulk materials. It has been widely used in grain and food, and also in industrial products such as pigments, chemicals, plastics, glass, metals and homochromic poles.

The selected material enters the machine from the top hopper, slides down the channel through the vibration of the vibrator device, accelerates the falling into the observation area of the sorting room, and passes through the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of light source, according to the intensity and color change of light, the system generates output signal to drive the solenoid valve to work and blow out the heterochromatic particles into the waste cavity of the hopper, while the good selected materials continue to fall into the finished cavity of the hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of sorting.

Compared with manual selection, labor saving, time saving, high efficiency and low processing cost. Improve the quality and economic and social benefits of the selected products.